WHAT!!! Where did the time go?

Man, time moves by so quickly, too quickly, when you’re having fun! Baby Jay is already 8 months. It was only yesterday that I brought him home from Vanderbilt University and now he’s crawling, babbling, attempting to pull himself up and everything. Gosh! Would time just slow down and wait until I completely grasp the concept that I’m a MOTHER! LOL! I guess it’s true: time waits for no one.

Well, these past few weeks have been fun and frustrating for me. Of course, as I stated in my last blog, I’m super busy and  I don’t spend as much time with Baby Jay as I used to. But I know it’s all for the greater good. When I first started working, I was afraid that I would miss a lot of Baby Jay’s firsts; it was a very sad realization that I’ve come to. However, I heard him say “Da-da”, I’ve seen him scoot backwards (for about a month and a half), and crawling forward. I’ve also seen him pull up, roll over, and babble like crazy (we even have a full conversation).  So, I am very happy that I haven’t missed any of his firsts so far. Anyway, enough about me and my woes, this article is about Baby Jay and how he’s grown up so fast.

In the first few months of Baby Jay’s life, I was trying to figure out when he’ll be able to do everything that is “fun”. In fact, it couldn’t come quick enough for me. I would ask people when their little ones started sitting up and crawling (not to compare just for a sense on when it could be possible for Baby  Jay to do the same). I somewhat feel like I rushed things a little bit (I still enjoyed him at that time) and now I’m like, WAIT can we just take a moment to relax. Jayden is all over the place, crawling, rolling over, and attempting to stand. He’s getting into everything that he shouldn’t (like touching the electrical socket covers and biting on wires). He’s just too darn quick for me.

He’s saying ba-ba and da-da and sometimes you can even hear a Hi in the mix of the babbling. He’s mimicking the kissing noises and when you clear your throat, he’ll clear his. It’s really cute  to hear him do this and just amazing that he’s progressing so well. He’s growing so fast and you know what comes with a growing boy: A GROWING APPETITE!!

Baby Jay eats so much throughout the day now. He eats three meals a day along with two snacks and at least 24 oz of milk. I feel like every time I turn around, I’m feeding him something! But that is to be expected with growth spurts. I still love fixing his foods. It’s like an art for me. When I make his food (of course with lots of love) I know what he’s eating. I know that he’s getting the nutrition that he should and not any fillers. I experiment with different combination of foods and different textures. So when he likes it, I feel good. If he doesn’t like it as much, my feelings are a bit shattered. I take pride in making Baby Jay’s meals and he takes pride in eating it (the expression is written all over his face).

I’m glad that my baby is growing as he should. He’s healthy and strong and I can’t ask for anything more than that! Well, that’s all I have for now, You should stay tune next week for the different foods Baby Jay has eaten and liked/disliked. Maybe you’ll get an idea of different combinations of foods and more recipes for your little bundle of joy!

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