What the year has taught me!!!

Soon my baby will be a year old. OMG!! I still can’t completely grasp the fact that I’m a mother, now I have to get a hold of the concept that I have a one-year-old on my hands. The past year has been so much fun with many different learning curves and baby/mommy milestones. This past year hubby and I learned how to be a parent.

I still haven’t completely learned how to do my household chores with a very mobile baby. Sometimes very little gets done because my child is so busy. I mean, he gets into everything; I can’t take my eyes off of him for one minute (well I like to look at him too). I must admit, at times he drives me crazy (and what kid doesn’t). I know many of you are probably like, “he’s a baby, he doesn’t know what he’s doing”. But oh contrary, this little rugrat knows what he’s doing at times.

Anyways, I’ve learned so much about myself and so has my husband. We cannot be more proud that what we already are. As we look back on our lives and how it’s change, we just have to praise God every chance we get. The parental road hasn’t always been easy but as many parents know: it’s very much worth every emotion spent.

I can still remember him just coming home from the hospital; he was so small. I can remember the first time he held his own bottle, I can remember the nursing and how we bonded through that special moment. I remember his first word, “da-da”. I took pleasure in making his food. I felt PROUD. I felt a since of confidence in my ability to parent, although I had never done it. I discovered the strength I have, the weakness I have. I’ve learned how to correct my mistakes. I’ve learned so much.

This Saturday is my baby’s party and I have been looking forward to it for quite some time. I have family coming in town and friends coming over to help celebrate. I am so grateful that God showed fit to select hubby and I for his parents.

Thank God for your blessings!!!


I’ll post about the actual birthday experience and there shall be a lot of pictures involved!!!!
Thanks and have a great day!!!!!

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