The Truth About Breastfeeding; What You Need to Know!

Hey hey! OMGosh, I really want to talk to you the truth about breastfeeding, but first please allow me to share an encouraging word with you. You are awesome, strong, and beautiful! You are important. Please don’t ever forget that; not even for a second. Promise?

A while back I wrote about the Truth about Mommyhood; so, naturally, I want to talk write about the truth about breastfeeding. Some of these things you have probably heard moms say, but some may shock you!

I, personally, love my journey overall, but I didn’t expect to feel the way I feel! When I would ask other moms how they liked breastfeeding, I got the usual: “breastfeeding is so amazing; the bond is so special.” Or I got the, “oh, breastfeeding is so easy, you just whip out the boob and feed the baby.” My favorite was, I always am looking forward to our nursing session!”  While these are genuine emotions, there are somethings breastfeeding moms do not willingly share (I understand, they don’t want to scare you), so I am happy to share them with you!

I have also taken a poll on my personal page asking my friends to share their honest feelings about breastfeeding. They all shared very similar feelings and I share all of theirs, so this means I am not the only one who feels this way. So let’s get to it: The Truth About Breastfeeding; What You Need to Know!

Breastfeeding truth

It’s super convenient.

Food goes everywhere you go; thank goodness for that.  You don’t have to carry around bottles if you don’t want to. Even though it can be a bit awkward to nurse in public for some, you have that option. Those who don’t like to look at a nursing mother, LOOK AWAY.  Having food on you at all times is very convenient, your baby will love it.

Sometimes it can be painful.

In the very beginning, it hurt so bad to nurse my baby. Breastfeeding experts say, “if it hurts, the baby isn’t latched right” which isn’t always true. Your nipples aren’t used to being sucked on (by a baby), so they need time to “toughen” up. Also, nursing/breastfeeding moms can experience a clogged duct (those aren’t fun) and/or mastitis!

Let’s not talk about when baby starts teething or gets his/her teeth. There’s a possibility you can get bit, and that is no fun (you can teach them not to bite).

It’s physically and mentally taxing at times.

I, on occasion, get so drained after nursing my daughter; It’s like she’s sucking the life out of me. I’m sure it is because producing milk requires your body to use the nutrients to nourish the baby, instead of self. Thus, the need to eat more often and more if I wasn’t nursing (few extra calories). So if you haven’t eaten enough, you will most likely feel drained. EAT FOOD!

I nurse on demand, so I also get touched out (do you ever feel like that?). It’s super hard to nurse her when I don’t want to be touched. This is weird to type this because I am a very touchy-feely person. It’s my love language (I’ll explain this in a different post)! But every so often I get touched all the way out. (Have you ever been like that? Let me know in the comments.)

You feel connected to other breastfeeding mothers.

When you learn that another mother is breastfeeding, it’s an immediate bond because she knows EXACTLY what you’re going through (in most cases). Conversation happens naturally and easily, and there’s no judgment for popping out the boob to feed the baby. When a mom ends her breastfeeding journey, other breastfeeding moms immediately console her and share in her tears. The connection is something that automatically happens, whether you know that person or not.

It can be stressful.

Because boobs aren’t see-through,  you can’t see how much milk baby is getting. When my daughter was around 3 months old I worried if she was getting enough milk from me. It was a quick moment of doubt, but it happened. If I had to add up the days I worried I would say I stressed about it for 4 days total throughout that time. But some mothers stressed constantly during the growth spurts and even throughout the whole breastfeeding experience!

Breast milk has nutritional value.

Of course, it does. Breast milk is tailor-made for the baby mommy is carrying. For the longest people say, breast is best. Now they are trying to say fed is best. While that is true, breast is the best source of nutrients because it is natural. The amount of vitamins and nutrients that’s in breast milk is what is best for babies. (Before I go on with this topic, let me say…NOTHING IS WRONG WITH FORMULA FEEDING! My son was formula fed mostly). All things natural is best for everyone. Breast milk is easily digestible for (most) babies. I always say: Breast is best; fed is the goal.

It can be emotionally taxing.

I often joke that my daughter only sees me as MILK. But I do feel like that from time to time. Some of my thoughts throughout the day are: “Does my baby love me or love what she can get from me?” “Does she realize I am Mom or Cow?” “She just wants me for my boobs!” Many moms have the same thoughts.  It never feels good when someone “uses” you to get something they need, but logically this is NOT what babies do, but it sure feels like it. And even though it’s great that it is convenient, always being needed and sucked on can be mentally draining.

On another note, if breastfeeding doesn’t work out, mothers often feel like failures. Not all moms have this attitude, however, most of the moms I have encountered (including myself) feel this way.

Breastfeeding in public can be awkward and uncomfortable.

Though breastfeeding is very natural and no one should ever be shamed for nursing their child, not every mom is just willing to pop out the boob in public. I have large breasts so it is harder for me to conceal these things. So nursing in public is extremely awkward sometimes, but I do it if I don’t have an alternative. So if your boobs are extremely large like mine, then be aware that it can be challenging to be modest while nursing.

Not everyone enjoys breastfeeding.

Majority of breastfeeding moms make it seem like breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing there is to motherhood. While I, personally, believe that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing; I also know that a lot of moms do not like it. In fact, sometimes I even don’t like breastfeeding. It is mainly for the reasons that aren’t so nice to talk about but have mentioned previously.

A Truth About Breastfeeding creates a strong bond.

Lastly, another truth about breastfeeding is such a great bonding moment between Mother and child. It’s the time when mommy and baby can cuddle until heart’s content. When a baby is nursing, they are usually looking at you. It’s in that moment with all the “negatives” about breastfeeding is washed away. That sweet glance and the soft noises of suckling makes every “hardship” worth it and even forgotten about. It’s nice to know that you, Mom, have something that will calm your baby down after a boo-boo or when they just need you.

So there you have it! Do you share in these feelings? Do you view breastfeeding differently? Share your thoughts in the comments below. However, please note that judging is not allowed to be nice! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Can’t wait to discuss this with you!!

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