Where did the Sun go? Total Solar Eclipse! Be Safe

Hey hey! I know, I know! Today isn’t Tuesday; it isn’t a “posting” day, however, with the upcoming event (tomorrow), I wanted to chime in and just remind everyone to be super safe tomorrow. Nashville, TN will have a spectacular view of the Total Solar Eclipse.

While I am super excited (because this will be the ONLY one I will witness in our lifetime), I am also super nervous. I worry about how many children won’t understand the seriousness of the potential danger or how many animals will be confused.

So I want to remind parents in the areas that will have a view of the eclipse, please keep your littles inside or eyes shielded behind the specialty glasses (if they want to look into the son while it is in totality). Blindness can occur if precautions aren’t met. I plan on viewing it and hopefully snapping a few pictures of this once-in-a-lifetime event. If I am fortunate to snag a few, I will post them here, stay tuned.

Also, if you have pets please keep them inside. I’m sure they may not even look at the sun, however, I would encourage you to not take that chance. A Total Solar Eclipse isn’t something that happens every day, so animals may get curious.  Also, take the precautions for yourself. You want to be able to see your little ones all your life, right? Make sure you have the right glasses.

What will we see during the Total Solar Eclipse?

It is said that we are supposed to see the stars and planets and hear crickets during the day. Also, nocturnal animals may come out of their slumber! I’m so anxious to experience this Total Solar Eclipse tomorrow. I can’t wait. It’s only going to last for a few minutes…OK like 2 minutes. So I want to take it all in.

Are you going to be able to see the Total Eclipse? If so, comment where will you be watching from (City, State). Who will you watch with? What food(s) will you consume? Be sure to document this moment and cherish it for your lifetime. You won’t get to see this again.

OK! That’s all I have to say! I know this isn’t my usual format (are you new to my blog? Check out the previous post: Quick and Easy Meal: Eggplant Slices with Couscous), but I wanted to get this out to you! If you haven’t checked out my Instagram and Facebook, be sure to head over and do so (like and follow).

Until next time,

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