Toddlers and TV!!!

OK, so a lot of parents don’t want their children watching TV at such an early age. I said the same thing. But I came to the realization that my child was way too active and I can’t keep up with him half the time.  I had to do something. Although I knew that I didn’t want my baby to sit in front the TV the whole day (some days he watches a bit more TV than I would like), but if he were to watch it then it needed to be educational.

Thirty minutes was all he was going to watch a day. Honestly, he really didn’t watch TV until well after his first birthday. I wanted to be the one to teach and influence him. Now the TV is always on. Not that he watches TV the whole day (I wouldn’t suggest you ever do that) but I like to have background noise.

So what does Jayden watch? Since we don’t allow a lot of things in our house (and he’s only a toddler) his TV selection is very limited. Here’s a list of the shows he likes.

1. Kids TV 123


You can find this video on Youtube. This is what is mostly on TV in our home. He typically watches it for a little while in the morning, afternoon, and night (a few minutes at a time).  This show is awesome for little kids. My son has learned so much from this channel. We have always worked with him on his alphabet, colors, numbers and several other things. But this channel has actually reinforced the things I just mentioned. So now Jayden says his letters better, the letter sound, and recognizes animals and more colors (ones we haven’t even gone over yet). Best part to this show is that it’s nothing but singing. Jayden knows so many of the songs, it’s super cute when he sings them.

2. Word World


This show can be found on Hulu Plus. Such a cute show. Everything is made up of words and they teach kids with letter recognition, spelling, and even differnt life lessons. It is an amazing show and Jayden asks for it by name.


3. Super Why!


This show can be found on Hulu Plus and Netflix. This show is catered towards an older crowd. Toddlers can watch it and learn from it, but this show teaches more reading, opposites (big/small), and problem solving. But Jayden watched this for a litttle while when he was younger. But he didn’t seem interested in it. But this is still a great show for kids.

These are the top three shows that I allow Jayden to watch when we’re home. His vocabulary has grown tremendously and I couldn’t be more proud than what I am of him at the moment. Check out each of the shows and let me know your thoughts on them. Comment. Pin. Share.


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