Sweet Potatoes and Your Sweet Baby


Sweet Potatoes are very healthy for the physical body. They pack so many nutrients that
it’s a great idea to eat a serving of this delicious veggie at several times a week,
especially if you don’t always eat the healthiest. This food packs a punch of vitamins and
minerals essential to the wellbeing of your body.


This veggie should be on your top foods to eat. So since sweet potatoes are a great choice
for adults, would it not be the perfect choice for your sweet baby? Yes, your little one
should get to know this vegetable well. For a developing child, it is important that they
get the foods that will give them the nutrients they need and fill them up without over
filling them.

Check out this website to read the full review and all the nutrients Sweet Potatoes offer.

To prep sweet potatoes for your little ones.

While my stove is preheating to 350 degree Fahrenheit, I wash the sweet potatoes in water,
then wrap them individually in aluminum foil, and place them in an oven safe dish. The
time is determined by how many sweet potatoes and how big they are. But I find that two
hours is the perfect time for 3 large potatoes.

**Baking your food is better than boiling and microwaving. Takes longer, but the nutrients
stay inside the food.

If you’re baby is just starting with solids, then I would suggest you dilute it with water
or milk and mash it until it is rather liquidy. However, if your child is older and can
handle thicker foods (the sweet potatoes are really creamy, but not too thick) then just
mash (after you tear off the skin, of course) and serve (once cooled).

I add nutmeg (great spice for calming down anxieties and other emotions) and cinnamon
(great with metabolism) to the sweet potatoes and serve it to Jayden. He LOVES this. It is
literally gone within minutes. I hope this helps you decide what to give to your kiddos!

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