Moms, I have something exciting to share with you! It’s going to change your life.  If you’re like me and spend a significant amount of time on the computer or phone then you may be shocked to know you can benefit from these as well: Computer glasses.

Before I continue on raving about this item, I have to tell you that Spektrum gifted me the glasses so I can present my honest opinion of them to you. Like many other Moms, I had no idea that I needed these glasses until I received my own (I am currently wearing them as I type this review). In fact, I didn’t even know what they were until my husband got a pair of Computer glasses through a different company. After he received his, I thought of getting my own, but I wasn’t convinced I needed them. The glasses my husband purchased were a bit pricey, and the customer service was horrible enough to make us not want to shop at that particular place again. So needless to say, I was thrilled when Michelle reached out to me. In this review, I’ll go over the customer service, price, style options, functionality, and quality of the product. Let’s get started.

Spektrum Computer Glasses

The functionality of the Computer glasses

I won’t go into how the computer glasses work to block the blue light and why blue light is bad (you can find that on their website), but I will say they do a really good job doing what they were designed to do. They claim to reduce headaches and promote good sleep. I can’t say that the sleep part has improved due to sickness and my kids getting sick (of course), but I can say that I have had fewer headaches than I did when I didn’t use the glasses. Because of my business and this blog, I spend a great deal on the computer and on my phone when I am not tending to my children so my eyes take a beating from the blue light projected from the screens, until now. I have to admit, they work. I was skeptical, but I am impressed.

Spektrum’s Customer Service

I was contacted by Michelle to do a product review for the company to help spread awareness to the brand. Throughout the entire process, she was very professional and responded quickly to my questions about the selection of the glasses. Though I never had to contact the company due to an issue with the product, based on the amazing customer service provided by Michele, I can only speculate that the customer service will be a pleasant experience if you were to have a hiccup in your experience.

Presentation of the Computer glasses.

Spektrum Computer Glasses Packaging

There’s nothing like receiving a package in the mail. It nearly feels like it’s your birthday and someone is sending you a gift. The glasses came in a cute case, packed inside a nicely branded box. I was thoroughly impressed. Nearly like love at first sight. The packaging felt high end. It definitely did its job to protect the glasses, we know the that Postal Service can be very rough on packages and my glasses didn’t have a scratch.

 Quality of Spektrum’s Computer glasses.

Artic Computer glassesdynamic computer glasses





Only speaking of the quality of the glasses that were sent to me: Dynamic & Arctic design, I will give my honest thoughts. Arctic design: The quality of the frame seems flimsy due to its thin design of the temples (here’s the anatomy of eyeglasses so you’ll know what I am referring to). But I don’t believe it will break if you take care of them. If you like light frames then this design is for you. If you need to actually feel the weight of glasses, this design isn’t for you. Dynamic design: The quality of the frame seems much more durable when compared to the Arctic design. The frames are thicker but still sleek. While I notice them on my face, they aren’t heavy.

 Style & Price of the Computer glasses.

Spektrum’s computer glasses are pleasantly priced at under $50 and they provide glasses for different age groups. There are different styles to choose from so you’ll have a chance to grab your favorite.

What are my thoughts overall?

I am pleasantly pleased with the company and its product. I have worn the glasses for nearly 2 weeks and will keep my glasses and possibly purchase another pair as a backup. I highly recommend Spektrum’s blue light blocking glasses. Do you want a pair? Well, guess what! It’s GIVEAWAY time. Simply follow this link to enter and have a chance to win the Arctic Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Spektrum! Spektrum has sponsored this giveaway.

Spektrum Computer Glasses

Thank you so much for reading my review! Hopefully, you’ll make the conclusion to grab you a pair of Spektrum’s Computer Glasses. Remember to enter the giveaway!



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