Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!

This post will constantly be updated with new recipes and combination of foods for your little one and occasionally for your family. I will not put measurements for the baby food (you can be the judge of that).  Somethings Baby Jay loved more than others but he ate them all!!!
Veggie Rice
cooked brown rice
cooked topped with
cooked chopped carrots
cooked chopped sweet potatoes
cooked chopped asparagus
cooked chopped squash
topped with
pureed (or jarred) green beans and sweet peas
garnished with veggie blend chunks and your choice of spice(s)
of course you can mix it whenever you’re ready to do so. 
Bean Works
cooked Black beans
cooked Chopped avocado
cooked Zucchini
cooked Red bell pepper
cooked Carrots
cooked Quinoa(read the directions on the back of the box) (Keen-wa)
cooked Sweet potato
dashes of basil and cilantro *you can add the spices of your choice*
Loaded Yogurt
Chopped avocado
cooked Apple
cooked Quinoa (Keen-wa)
Topped with cinnamon and wheat germ *you can add the spices of your choosing*
Squash Pots
Sorry that I don’t have a picture of this one but here is the recipe
Chopped cooked acorn squash
Chopped cooked  butternut squash
Chopped cooked  yellow squash
Choppoed cooked  zucchini
Chopped cooked  sweet potato
Chopped avocado
seasoned with cilantro and cumin (you choose the spice)
Sweet Potato Delight
Sorry that I don’t have a picture of this one either but here is the recipe
cooked sweet potato
cooked cranberries
prune (can be substituted with a different fruit)
dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg

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