Preschool Lesson Planner Freebie!

Hey Mommy! Oh my goodness!  So over the year through my blogging hiatus, there has been one post keep this blog alive. It was something that many people pinned over and over and even a few people asked about it. I was thrilled, shocked, and surprised that people even cared about this little form that I created a long time ago to help me plan out my activities for my (then) 2-year-old son. When I decided to relaunch my blog, I knew I had to update this and make it into a preschool lesson planner. AND I knew it had to be a freebie, my way of saying, “I’m sorry for leaving you hanging, but thank you so much for sticking around”.

Features of the preschool lesson planner.

The preschool lesson planner features a really cute cover. The cover alone makes you want to use it. It also has all 7 days of the week with slots for a daily agenda, song, reading, and more so you can provide the structure and fun all toddlers need.

How to use the preschool lesson planner.

To use this planner is simple. It is not a curriculum whatsoever! I do not believe preschoolers need a detailed curriculum of any kind, however, they do need a routine and structure. You can use this planner to create the structure and plan. I always recommend planning on a weekend for the upcoming week. Write down the things, you’d like to do with your toddler each day, making sure to include any resource or supplies needed, then post the planning sheet in an area that is frequently visited.

Preschool Lesson Planner

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