Whoa! I’m PREGNANT with PCOS! Let’s Discuss This!

OK! Before we go further, I am not pregnant NOW, however, I was pregnant 9 months ago! I’ll share how I found out and about the epidural-free labor and delivery experience!
For those of you who don’t know, I “suffer” from PCOS (you can see my video here), so it took hubby and I quite some time to conceive (more like 2 years) our second child. It was the longest 2 years of my life. In fact, I actually gave up trying. Every time the pregnancy tests said “not pregnant”, I cried. So finally, December 2015 I gave up on the hope of ever having another child. I relinquished my control on that area and gave it to God. “If it was meant for me to get pregnant, it will happen”. That’s what I told myself on a each time I took a test. Obviously God had plans for my life that was greater than my own.
So I started to research more into breast reduction surgery. My breasts are larger than what my body can hold and they hurt my back (I don’t see how woman pay to have bigger boobs), so I was done with them. Even though I knew having surgery could really ruin my plans of breastfeeding a child (if it were to happen), my back couldn’t take the burden, and quite frankly, neither could my self esteem. Anyways, I went to my consultation and it turned out that I was a perfect candidate for the surgery and that the insurance would pay for it (I could have told them that, lol). So we moved forward and scheduled March 29, 2016 as the date. I was nervous, but super excited to finally have a smaller chest that would fit me better!
The hospital staff asked me if I was pregnant, I laughed and answered, “no” because I just took one not too long before scheduling the consultation. Well, March 4, 2016 I woke up and thought: “let me take this dumb test to make sure I am not pregnant”. I honestly didn’t want to take it, because I didn’t want to cry anymore. But nevertheless, I took it. And what do you know? That thing said “PREGNANT”! I was elated and nearly broke my neck to share the news to my husband (who slept downstairs because he fell asleep to a movie).
So many emotions ran through my body. I was so thrilled about being pregnant. It was something that hubby and i prayed and tried to do for 2 years. And it FINALLY happened. However, I was sad because I knew that I had to put off the surgery, that I finally got the courage to schedule. Obviously, my baby that was being formed inside me was more important than my own comfort. So I canceled the surgery and moved forward with my pregnancy. Talk about whirlwind of emotions.
For now we are going to skip the pregnancy stage, I will cover that in another post (be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it). But let’s move into the labor and delivery portion. If you follow me on YouTube, then you’ll see my labor and deliver story from my first born (if you haven’t watched it, click here). You’ll see that there were a lot of things I wanted to do differently. One of which was, let the baby come when she wanted to. So I went to my 37 appointment (I was measuring 2 weeks ahead) and all checked out normal.
However, I explained to my Doctor that I had been having contractions on and off. Some were light; some were painful, but they were far a part that it wasn’t a worry. My Dr told me to relax as much as I could…so I did, HA! Well that week my brother and sister in law came up to spend some time with me and the fam bam. They were hoping to be there when the baby was born. So we walked and walked the malls (I took several breaks due to tiredness and a few contractions). After all that walking, the baby didn’t come and they had to go home.
Monday morning, I had another Doctor’s appointment with my OBGYN and explained to her that I was having more contractions. They were becoming more frequent and more painful. I also reiterated to her that I didn’t want an epidural or a c section, unless it is the absolutely last result. She told me to call back when I had 6 contractions in 1 hour and that she is on board with my plans. We leave and go home. By this time my contractions were increasing in time and intensity. But they were still far a part (even though I was having 6 in a hour).
I decided to call the next morning if they were still like that. Which they were, so I called around 10:30 a.m. After a brief hold the nurse told me to call back when they are 3 minutes a part and head to the hospital at that point. But my contractions were never consistent. Some were 15 minutes a part, some were 2 minutes a part, and some were 10 minutes a part. So I decided to take a nap so I could be in some relief.
Well, the moment I closed my eyes it happened: POP! My “water” broke. Yup! I swear babies know when you’re trying to sleep! HA! My husband quickly put towels and shirts down to soak up the “water” and calmly packed the car. I stood over the towels and shirts to let the “water” spill on on that before going downstairs and into the car (I didn’t realize how much amniotic fluid was in there).  Between me waiting for the water to get out of me, loading the car, and driving carefully, it took us 2 hours to get to the hospital.
Mind you, we’ve never been to the actual hospital, so I had to call (yes, mid-contraction) to get parking directions. We made it to the front door, but at that point I couldn’t walk anymore so hubby asked the two ladies that were coming out to get a wheelchair for me. (Still with me? This is where it gets funny).
At this point, I am hanging over the chair like: “Jesus, help me! Save me! Give me an epidural” There were people in the waiting room, in between contractions I prayed that no one had their cameras out! LOL That should have been the least of my worries. The biggest problem was that I didn’t preregister for the hospital, which would have helped move things along. Instead, we had to fill out the paperwork and sign papers. I’m not sure what I was signing, but I signed the documents.
Moving on, while my hubby finished the paperwork, the nurse wheeled me into triage and get my vitals checked (through the midst of me screaming). I kept repeating that I wanted an epidural (what made me think I could do this without one) and my laughing gas. She explained that she needed to get the Doctor to order one, but I could have my laughing gas. Which came and I was able to slightly “relax”.
By the time the epidural was ordered and on its way, I was already at 10 cm. The doctor came just in time and I started pushing. It was PAINFUL AS HELL! I was still asking for an epidural and (new to the list) a C-section. My doctor had the perfect response, “you came to me, because you didn’t want a c-section, now push! You can do it”! I love my doctor. One hour and twenty minutes after arriving to the hospital, my precious baby was born. No epidural. No C-section. I did rip a bit, but other than that, I was fine, baby was healthy, hubby was relieved, and we all were happy (and still are)!
Thank you so much for reading about my pregnancy, labor and delivery story. Stay tuned for my next post to see the lessons I learned from this experience.
See you next time!
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    1. Thanks FancieLand! I am happy for a healthy delivery and healthy baby as well. Pregnancy post will be uploaded in a couple of days!

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