Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! I love being a Mommy

If you’ve read, The truth about Mommyhood, you wouldn’t think I enjoyed being a stay at home mom or a mom. But let me clarify! It is an amazing feeling to be able to stay at home with my son. I love being a stay at home mom. I get to laugh and play with… Read More Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! I love being a Mommy

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Mother In Laws…Who needs ’em?

So we all know the stereotype for Mother in Laws, nosey, overprotective, annoying, bothersome, and a pain in the rear end. When the Mother in Law (MIL) comes over, it is dreadful and you already can’t wait for her to leave. A lot of people do not get along with their MILs. It’s like they… Read More Mother In Laws…Who needs ’em?

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Toddlers and TV!!!

OK, so a lot of parents don’t want their children watching TV at such an early age. I said the same thing. But I came to the realization that my child was way too active and I can’t keep up with him half the time.  I had to do something. Although I knew that I didn’t want… Read More Toddlers and TV!!!

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What to do? What to do?

So many times I have wondered, “what in the world am I going to do with my child, today?”. Sometimes I would just sit and sit, trying to come up with a few activities. Well, I’ve put together a list of things that you can do with your little. These are some of our favorite… Read More What to do? What to do?

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Having some Family Fun

I’m super excited! Yesterday hubby and I took Jayden outside and had some fun with our new camera. We had so much fun, well, Jayden wasn’t as cooperative as I would’ve liked. But we were still able to take some pretty cool pictures. Check them out below and tell me what you think! Would love… Read More Having some Family Fun

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Just Men TV!

(video is at the bottom) OK! So I know this is a mommy blog, but today I want to put a spotlight on a great, inspiring gentleman that has encouraged me through his video. So let me give you a bit of background! Going to my local Sam’s Club is always a pleasure. The customer… Read More Just Men TV!

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Creamy Noodle Dish

Have leftover noodles (plain)? Not a problem! Here’s a recipe for you to turn those dry, tasteless noodles in to a creamy, savory meal. This dish will go with shrimp or chicken (whichever you prefer). .5 – 1 lb of diced shrimp or chicken (depending on the amount of meat you want in  your dish)… Read More Creamy Noodle Dish