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Need a routine!

So remember my post, The Truth About Mommyhood (click to read), well I have come up with a solution (sort of). Every mom knows that you need a routine for your little one. Children need structure. Well, I used to have a little routine that I TRIED to follow everyday. Now, I just go with the flow. But that does not help me get things around the house done and it doesn’t help Jayden expend all of his energy (physical and mental). A lot of times, I get caught up in what I’m doing (blogging, playing with son, working on BOJ) that the time slips past me and I haven’t done any of my house duties.

It’s super hard for me to wake up early now because I go to bed so late. I’ve been trying to change that for years! The reason I go to bed late is because hubby goes to bed late. I feel like I have to keep him company! I’m not sure why I feel like that! Maybe it’s because we’ve only been married for 3 years and I’m still in the newly-wed stage. IDK!

One thing that I’ve recently learned is to take the word “trying” out of my vocabulary. So now I WILL go to bed early. And when I say early I mean before mid-night! LOL. HEY! That’s a start! Since I’ve started working out, I have been feeling tired lately!

Once I get the going to bed early part down, I will get up early (preferably before hubby and son) and get some work done. Once I decide on a routine that will fit me and my life with a toddler, life should be a bit easier.

Just my thoughts!

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