My Role as a Mom


I love being a mom. It brings me so much joy. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I was so elated about the little life inside of me. I couldn’t believe it. When I first felt my little baby kick (I was writing my book), I cried with joy. It was the best day of my life. So many people were telling me how amazing it is to be a mom. They were saying all these wonderful things (which are all true), but no one said that it will be hard the whole way through. No one said that it would be frustrating.

In the beginning, it wasn’t frustrating, but I felt like I was putting so much time and energy and love into this process baby boy, but the boy wasn’t returning the favor. But how could he? He was a baby. But I took so much pride (and still do) in taking care of my little love. Although, there were frustrating time, a plethora of positive times will always out shine the bad times.

My role as a mom, constantly changes. I am a chef, chauffeur, a fashion stylist, an entertainer, etc. Jayden has had homemade food since 3 weeks before he turned 4 months. He has had jarred food from time to time…but not as much.

I am a chauffeur. Obviously, he’s a little too short and uncoordinated to drive! Wouldn’t that be scary, you driving in your car and look to your right to see a toddler driving a car? LOL. In addition to all of these roles, I’m a doctor, a bed, a maid, a janitor, an encourager, a disciplinarian, and so many other roles I will take on as needed. I love all of them. No matter of tough motherhood is, I do not regret it nor will I change anything about it.

There will be more posts about motherhood as times go on. So make sure to check it out!!

“There’s Nothing Casual About Being a Mom”

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