My Love Story


I been married for 3 years (Jan 23, 2010) to my wonderful hubby! I can’t imagine my life without him (cliche’ I know). We met in 2003 at Dillard Universary, New Orleans, LA. I’m going to try to recap all of this with out going on a tangent (oh gosh!).

We almost became a couple back in 2003, but I was mean to him and stop talking to him. After Hurricane Katrina ransacked our hometown, we completely lost contact! Well, in 2006, he (being the forgiving and caring person he is) contacted me via Facebook to see if I was OK. Needless to say, we rekindled a friendship via social media. We both were in relationships with different people, but we truly were friends so it didn’t bother us. We both eventually ended the relationship with those crazy people and in 2008, we started talking more than usual and the “fire” within us was “re-sparked”. We started dating, but the only problem was he was in TN and I was in TX! HA! Well we took turns visiting each other. In 2009, we got engaged and 2010 we got married! The wedding was the craziest part! LOL

We still lived in separate states, trying to organize a wedding in a completely different state (remember he was in TN, I was in TX and the wedding was in New Orleans)! HA! We did our counseling over the phone (along with a lot of other marital transactions). We never did a taste testing for the cake (but we already knew the place we’re getting the cake from was going to be delicious). I had a friend of mine visit reception sites (I had her running all over the place). It was a mess. But the actual day turned out GRAND! We had so much fun. We barely ate, stood up the entire time, danced, laughed, and cried. It was truly a joyous time.

You know the top tier of the cake that you save for a year and then eat it on your first anniversary? Well, that cake never made it to the freezer! HAHAHAHA! We ate that at our hotel because it was just that good! I love being married; it has changed my life for the better!

Jarett has been a great husband; supportive of all my endeavors and caring of my very sensitive feelings (if he had collected my tears, I could have my own river). He is my exact prayer a prayed when I was 13 years old, he is my confidant, lover, best friend, and the father of my child. I love him dearly.

I have learned a lot about myself as a woman by becoming a wife. I thank God for my hubby everyday!

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