My Little Family


My little family consists of me (Celeste), my loving husband (Jarett), and darling son (Jayden). It has been a journey for us all. Hubby and I found out we were pregnant 6 months into our marriage (shocker). It was all happening so fast!

I was just learning how to be a wife. Hubby was learning how to be a husband. Now we both had to learn how to be a parent! LOL! Let me tell you, you can get all the advice on how to be a good parent to your child, but it’s a learn as you go experience. Since every child/parent/person is different, there’s not a one size fits all class.

It’s been a fun, long journey! A journey that hubby and I cherish. Jayden has been a joy and headache (let’s keep it real)! We are blessed beyond measure! You will learn more about my family as the time goes on!!

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