Mother In Laws…Who needs ’em?

So we all know the stereotype for Mother in Laws, nosey, overprotective, annoying, bothersome, and a pain in the rear end. When the Mother in Law (MIL) comes over, it is dreadful and you already can’t wait for her to leave. A lot of people do not get along with their MILs. It’s like they are constantly raging war against the other; it is crazy!

I don’t understand this because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MIL (also known as Mom)! We’ve had a wonderful relationship ever since we’ve met. In fact, from the very beginning I’ve called her Mom. It was never “Mrs. Denise”. She has seriously become my second Mother. I cannot imagine where I would be without her love and support. I feel truly blessed that she is in my life!

When I married my husband (her middle son) and moved from TX to TN she promised my parents, she will watch out for me and take me in as her own. She has definitely kept her promise. She has supported countless endeavors or mine, taken care of me, shared her wisdom, given me gifts from time to time, and so much more. When I hear of people talking about their MIL horror story, I cannot relate. I am so forever thankful to my MIL.

So to answer the questions in the title, “Mother In Laws…Who needs ’em?”, I need mine! Thanks so much Mom! I love and appreciate you!


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