Just Men TV!

(video is at the bottom)

OK! So I know this is a mommy blog, but today I want to put a spotlight on a great, inspiring gentleman that has encouraged me through his video. So let me give you a bit of background!

Going to my local Sam’s Club is always a pleasure. The customer service there has always been great. But I must admit my favorite part, however, is leaving. Now I’m not saying that in a mean way (obviously, I just said I liked it). But there is an employee, Joseph Harris, who always is so warm and kind; he makes you want to back in to shop all over again. 

This guy is so friendly to all he meets. In fact, when we see him my son intensely stares at him with his hand out looking for the treat that he gives him. It’s super cute and hilarious, but Jayden has gotten to know him. A couple of weeks ago, Joseph was the door attendee and he stopped us and shared with us a link. He wanted us to check out. Well, we went home and checked it out on youtube and was amazed with what we saw.

We’ve talked with this guy for several months before this encounter, but would’ve never known any of the hardship he had faced in his past because he has a great attitude. He is a devoted Christian, but not your “stereotype” Christian. He is not judgmental, sarcastic, mean, and doesn’t have an  ulterior motive. He professes God’s love to all, unashamed of the gospel. To check out this inspiring video, please click here. You will be amazed and hopefully  inspired to have a better view on your life.

Feel free to check out the actual Youtube video here!

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