He’s Gone too Far

Really Jayden? OK so let me start off by saying that I love being a Mom and I try to find the humor in every crazy thing my child does, but this time he has gone too far. Thankfully, my hubby was home to help me with this mess. Alright, let me tell you all the story.

Even though it’s Thursday, I am babysitting my friend’s daughter, Kylen. Well it was finally their naptime! So hubby and I put the kiddos to bed. As usual, Jayden didn’t go to sleep readily. He always plays around, talks to himself, or jump around is room. So twice hubby went upstairs to get him to go back to bed, and I went once. Well he was quiet for a while , so I assumed he was sleep. So we were able to do some things we needed done. Well 2 o’clock came around and it was time to get them up.

Well I got Kylen and hubby was going to get Jayden. Well when he opened the door, Jayden has a “not-so-nice” suprise for him. Upon seeing the horrendous mess, hubby reacted so I just had to see what was going on. Well, when I walked in…I was shocked. For one, I thought I got rid of anything that could make a mess in his room. I was speechless.


Yeah. So now you see why I’m speechless. WHY? What possessed this child to do this? Now this is NOT the first time he’s done something like this. It started with baby powder. It was ALL over him and his room. Hubby was upset, but I just laughed it off. So we took the powder out of his room. Then he got into the lotion. Again, it was EVERYWHERE. So we removed the lotion (don’t even know how he got that one either). THEN he decided to be an artist. Take a look at his artwork.

writing on the wall

So obviously, he got in trouble. I don’t know where the pen came from. I thought we scanned the room to make sure that he didn’t have anything that he could use to destroy his room. Gosh, so needless to say, he was disciplined for doing this YET again.

Hubby had to wash his hair about 5 times to get all the cream out and bathe him a few times to be sure everything was washed away. Boys will be boys…but boy is it annoying sometimes. LOL!

When things sort of cooled down, hubby and I were sitting on the couch while the kiddos are watching a movie. Then hubby turns to me and asks, “So you still want more children?” Without hesitation, I answered “at least 2 more” with a huge smile on my face.

I love my family!

One thought on “He’s Gone too Far

  1. Awwww boys will be boys!!!! PJ stores things in his toy box and I have to constantly clean it out to make sure he is not saving things for later. It does get annoying, but then I remember I was once that age and someone had to deal with me and teach me too. I will have two children soon very close in age and I can only imagine what kind of things will go down in our household….

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