Hello World! It’s Me……Again!

I’m Back!! Yes! I am here with an update!


EEEkkk!! I am really excited to be back in the land of blogging. So much has happened in the past 4 years, it’s unreal. It’ll be so hard to catch everyone up in this blog, I’ll briefly state some important updates, and then do a more detailed post later! I’ll also explain the purpose of this blog and why I kept the name, The Casual Mom! Ready to get started? Alright let’s play a brief game of catch up.

OK! Let’s go! I was a consultant for an amazing direct sales company that focused on skin care (Perfectly Posh). Got so involved in that company that my blog was put on the back burner. After while, moved to a different company, then came back and switched again (make sense?). Then I started a vlog on YouTube. Stopped after a while, but plan to restart that. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 and had many depressing moments due to the diagnosis (you can check out my video here). Then 3 weeks before a major surgery, hubby and I were`2 expecting baby #2. WOOHOOO! Trust me I’ll have more about everything in detail (like how I found out I was pregnant and the birth update) in future posts.

Then I stopped vlogging, stopped doing the other direct sales company I was with, had my daughter, started my own business and then placed it on hold, my son “graduated” from kindergarten, and now we are here…back at the blog and vlog. Still with me? I do have an exciting new way I am doing my business, but I will leave that topic for another post. Well, you’re caught up a bit! Let’s chat about the purpose of this Blog!

I have always loved helping other people feel good and have an easier life. It didn’t really come to my attention that this is what I am supposed to do until the beginning of last year (2016). Even still, I ran from what I was supposed to do. But now, I have decided it is time for me to get my priorities in order: God first, my health next, family, and then everything else.

Once I do that, things will start to come together. I decided that I wanted to re-open The Casual Mom to keep myself accountable as well as help other people, Moms especially, have an easier life.

I will share personal stories of things I’ve dealt with, dealing with, and lessons I’ve learned in the hopes that it helps you relate and cope with your feelings in good way all in this blog. Also, I’ll share tips and hacks to have a potentially happier life. I encourage you to take a look around the blog and subscribe to my newsletter as you will be updated on all new activity. I can’t wait to share amazing tips, advise, and personal experiences with you.

Now that you know about the purpose of this blog, let’s chat about the name. I chose The Casual Mom first because it really reflected me. I dress casually and am a pretty laid back person most of the time. But then the name turned into something a bit ironic about motherhood. I looked up the meaning of the word casual (according to Google) it means relaxed and unconcerned. Now if you’re a Mother, you know that there’s nothing casual about being a mom. I mean, you can’t just leave your children to fend for themselves; you have to take care of them and that’s no easy feat. Plus, I think, The Casual Mom is a catchy name.

So now that I’ve shared a little more about this blog; I hope you come back each week to see what’s new. Hey, while you’re here, be sure to follow me on Facebook. You can look to the right here on the right side of this page to see the Facebook window, or just click HERE to be taken to the page and like it directly. I’m so excited to see you there. Once you do it, give me a shout on the FB page so I know you’re here with me. Let’s turn it into our community page!

Can’t wait to get to know ya.

The Casual Mom

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