Education Meets Entertainment in These Great Indoor Activities

When children are cooped up inside, they can get pretty stir crazy. However, with a little creativity, you can turn rainy days into opportunities for education and engagement. Here are some great ideas for making the most of foul weather.

Education Meets Entertainment in These Great Indoor Activities
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An outlet for energy.

Offer children a productive way to expend excess energy. That way, they can settle down and focus better on other tasks afterward. You can get them dancing to online videos, which also can build their coordination and provide exercise. There are numerous options available through YouTube and Vimeo, many will get mom moving and grooving, too. You can’t go wrong with the classic “YMCA,” or they can pick up the “Chicken Dance,” or even learn the moves to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” In no time, your youngsters will burn off that extra energy ( that you wish you had), and they will be ready to give their attention to other things.

Use your home theater.

Whatever dance selections you choose, you’ll likely want to employ your entertainment system for this portion of your day. There is nothing like surround sound and a big screen for music and dancing! It raises the level of fun exponentially over watching on your laptop screen. However, if you don’t already own a system, it’s important to do some research before investing in one — and they can get expensive. Explore the reviews at Family Living Today to make a smart selection.

Sound expressions.

After moving to music, your children may be inspired to take music lessons. Lessons require no previous experience and start from the ground up. Instruction covers not only the basics of playing piano but also provides a foundation in music theory and how to compose new tunes. What a great way to get your kids thinking on dreary days!

Artistic explorations.

Another way to engage children’s creative side is through art tutorials. Many online lessons also sneak in a bit of history and culture. In this way, children get to explore other cultures through art while learning basic concepts and principles. Tutorials are designed for you to lead, but you don’t need experience in teaching nor in art. Lessons touch on history, geography and language as well, and even take time to set children into proper mindsets with warm-ups and cool downs before and after lessons. There are free tutorials along with a selection of paid options offered at five levels of ability. You can also opt for selecting lessons based on particular subjects, such as about animals, about art and artists, or based on different parts of the world.


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Learning language.

Children often benefit from learning a new language, and some studies show they are virtually never too young to start. There is even evidence children’s reading and writing abilities in their own language improve when they learn a second language. Why not try teaching youngsters Italian through an app? Try “Tic Tac” for very young children, which helps little learners navigate the language through twenty-four different themes. “Immersion with Nemo Italian” is like having your own tutor and will operate well for older kids. “Duolingo” is another option for older children, which offers fun games as well as standard lessons. Any of the three apps can work on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Enriching activities.

Beyond the internet and various apps, you may wish to keep some educational and entertaining activities on hand for inclement days. Everything from magnet games to mazes to interlocking building blocks can keep children enjoying and learning for hours on end, providing tremendous enrichment to otherwise dull days.

Keep the indoors interesting.

Don’t let bad weather days equate to bored kids with cabin fever. Provide your children with fun, educational and engaging activities when they can’t go outside to play. They will enjoy it so much they won’t even notice they’re learning!


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