Need a break, before you break!

Did you ever think you’ll go crazy because you have a child(ren)? Yeah, I’m in that boat. These past few weeks have been extremely hard on me because I just felt so guilty about feeling frustrated with my precious son. Everything started to frustrate me and I was not having fun with being a mom. My mom even asked me if I was having fun. I told her I was, but it was hard. But in reality, I wasn’t having fun at all.

Being a parent to a toddler boy is not always fun. It’s frustrating, tough, challenging, and so many other emotions that I can’t even begin to explain. But when you feel it become a chore, then you know it’s time for a break. So many moms won’t tell you what I just mentioned, but know that if you have these feelings, that you’re not alone and it doesn’t make you a bad mom/parent.

You can never take a break from parenting. Your mind will always worry about your child(ren). If you’re a parent that’s caring, then you will never be able to turn that off. It’s just something that comes with the territory. However, you do need to break away from your little one(s) at least for once every 3 months. A toddler is so much more work than an infant. Not only do you have to tend to their every need, but you have to correct behaviors (constantly), entertain them more, and watch them like a hawk. Doing all of this is exhausting.

So needless to say, I have a break! My parents will have my son for a full week and five days! I couldn’t be happier. So many people have told me that I’ll be crying for him to come back the minute he leaves; they couldn’t have been more wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love my child to pieces, but I NEED A BREAK! As a mom, my work is never done. Even when he’s sleeping, I worry about him. My mind never stops. I do miss my child and he’s only been gone for two days now. But I’m not missing him to the point where I’m crying or regretting my decision to let him go. I recognize that I need a break.

This break came at the right time. I wanted to potty train my son, but I knew that I was too frustrated because of all the other things I needed to do and because all of the energy that I had to devote to him. My patience was wearing thin. So this break is much needed. After he comes back, i will be able to think with a clear mind and less stress. So potty training will begin.  (Read about my thoughts here)

To all my parents out there, do not feel guilty about wanting to take a break from your child(ren). Trust me, you need it, no, you DESERVE it! OK! Say it with me, “I deserve a break”. Now I know you can say it better than that. “I DESERVE A BREAK!”  You owe it to yourself to take a break. If can’t take a small break once every three months then try to take a nice size break from the kiddos twice a year. Because, as you know:

There’s Nothing Casual About Being a Mom (or Dad haha)!

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