Cute Moments with My Son!

My son made me so proud today. I FINALLY exercised before 10pm! HA! Well, I started working out and then next thing I know, Jayden was in front of me trying to do my workout routine! It was a very special moment between him and I! My own little workout buddy.

After we worked out, we got ready for dinner. My son said this prayers all by himself! Now granted, he’s 2 so you really can’t understand him. But his prayer went something like this: “bababababalabfififjk….Amen, YAYYYY”. This was a very proud moment in my Mommy life. Before each meal (usually) Hubby and I make Jayden put his hands together and have him pray: “Thank you Jesus for my food, Amen!” So I’m guessing that is what all of his jibberish meant! Hahaha! I love my son; he is the sparkle of my eye.

What is a cute thing your child did lately?

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