Creamy Noodle Dish

Have leftover noodles (plain)? Not a problem! Here’s a recipe for you to turn those dry, tasteless noodles in to a creamy, savory meal. This dish will go with shrimp or chicken (whichever you prefer).


.5 – 1 lb of diced shrimp or chicken (depending on the amount of meat you want in  your dish)
.5 diced onions
1 Tbsp of olive oil (extra virgin of course)
1 chicken boullion cube
1 can cream of mushroom
1 cup of frozen pea
salt and pepper

Saute (on medium high) your onions until they turn transparent. Add your shrimp or chicken and cook until done (shrimp should be pinkish and chicken should be white).

Reduce temperature to medium and add your chicken bouillon cube (you may want to crush it up for it to dissolve faster). Add your salt and pepper to taste. (cook for about 5-8 minutes on this setting).

Add your can of cream of mushroom (add a little water until you reach the desired creaminess; the more water you add, the thinner the mixture becomes…so don’t add too much) and reduce temperature to medium low, then add your frozen peas. after 5 minutes reduce to simmer and cover with lid to allow the peas to thaw and heat up. Then add your noodles.

This recipe just doesn’t work for leftover noodles. You can use it for a fresh batch as well. Just be sure you have enough sauce for your noodles. You only need approximately 2.5 cups of cooked noodles (or depending on how creamy you like).

I hope you enjoy cooking this delicious treat!

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