Cleaning for Cheap: All Purpose Cleaner

The last All Purpose cleaner you will ever buy!

So a couple of weeks back, I found this wonderful blog: One Good Thing By Jillee (click
the name to see her blog). This must have been the best thing ever. This wonderful blogger
has some great tips on cleaning amongst other things.

One of the DIY cleaning products was an all purpose cleaner! This mixture is AMAZING. It
cleans everything and is safe on most surfaces. I haven’t tested it on wood, so I wouldn’t
try to clean that surface with it. I must let you know that the smell isn’t all too great
but there is a way to remedy that. I used a little fragrance to mask the smell a bit, but
there is another way to do it. I will post that later on (once I find the correct method).
The one thing that I love most about this cleaner is that it is natural (minus the
fragrance) and will not harm any living being. So it’s great for me to use around my son.
So for all you Moms who are worried about harmful products around your precious little
ones, you don’t have to worry about this cleaner. Here’s what I did to make this all-
purpose cleaner.

Are you ready for the recipe? OK, here it is:

1 cup of water and 1 cup vinegar and a couple of drops of fragrance of your choice.

See, it’s that simple. This cleaner is cheap (water is free and vinegar is as cheap as
$1.00) and will last you for months (depending on how much you make and how much you
clean). So what are you waiting for? Go make your new cleaning solution. Be sure to go to
One Good Thing By Jillee and check out the post that I read which gave me this recipe.

Cleaning is all apart of being a mom. Let’s do it in a safe way!

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