We chose to homeschool for 5 reasons!

Hey, hey! In the previous post, you learned that hubby and I chose to homeschool our kids after this school year is over. I am pretty darn excited (that is an understatement). Well, in this post I am going to share with Y’all our top 5 reasons we chose to homeschool, ready? These are in no particular order.

Our Kids are safest with us!

Every parent wants to keep their children safe, hubby and I are no different. With all of the recent shootings in schools (it boggles my brain), my anxiety grew. Of course, I don’t want to live in fear or have my children living in fear, I want them safe. Hubby feels the same way I do. We know God protects us, but He also gives us the wisdom to make choices that will best serve Him (ultimately) and our families. Homeschooling definitely is the route to take.

We chose to homeschool
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Our children will receive the attention they need.

Let’s face it, teachers are AMAZING! Many of whom do their best to educate our children. They stay up late creating lesson plans and grading papers. Many spend their hard earned money on the supplies their students need. However, even the best teacher can’t do it all. The student to teacher ratio is overwhelming and makes it darn near impossible to reach every student. There’s no way that a teacher can cater her lessons to each child’s individual learning style.  Someone is bound to be left behind. This is another reason why we chose to homeschool.

I am not saying that this happened to our child, but I am aware that it happens. I actually love J’s (our oldest child) school. He has progressed in some areas, however, he has regressed in others. I know that with 20 other students in his teacher’s classroom, it is close to impossible for her to give him extra attention. He does have an IEP and has helped, but doesn’t solve the “problem”.  So by homeschooling, J can have the attention he needs and I (being the primary educator) can adapt my lessons to his learning style.

The flexibility homeschooling will give our family.

Because we won’t be bounded to the school schedule, we are free to do school whenever and wherever we choose. This is super exciting to me. We can take trips whenever we want and I don’t have to worry about pulling J out of school and missing lessons. He doesn’t have to worry about catching up on assignments and homework. Hubby and I believe learning never stops. So even when we go on trips, we can teach our children life skills, math, science, etc. in a way teachers can’t (nothing against teachers at all! They are amazing).

We will have the flexibility to learn the way we choose.

We can go at our own pace.

Now, this could very well tie into the flexibility reason, but I decided not to. My son is a fast learner in some subjects. He loves to read, write, and draw. However, sometimes he has a hard time comprehending what he’s read. While he is pretty good at math, he has moments where he “forgets” it and he doesn’t understand some of the problems.  If he were to stay in school, he would have to “keep up” with the class. The school is on their own schedule. They have to get ready to take standardized tests and move the kids to the next grade. They can’t slow down to help a student who is struggling in a certain subject.

So while J may need some extra time in a certain area in math or reading comprehension, the school can’t afford to give him that. They don’t have the time to.  Homeschooling gives us this freedom. As the primary teacher, I can adapt my lessons to J’s learning style and go at his pace. I don’t have to go at my pace. I am not getting him ready for the next grade, I am getting him ready for an independent life. So if that means we spend a week on a lesson, then we will spend a week on a lesson. No questions asked.

At the same time, if J is excelling and needs to go faster then we don’t have to wait for other students to finish their work. We can just go faster and even skip lessons if we need to.

We chose to homeschool.

That’s right! It wasn’t anyone else’s decision. We made a conscious decision to teach our children ourselves.We chose to homeschool our children. As parents, we have to make decisions all of the time based on what we think is right, best, and feasible for our family. No one was pressuring us to do it. No one even criticized us for making this choice (not yet at least). And based on the other reasons given, homeschooling is definitely best for our family.

I can’t wait to start our homeschooling journey. We will get started late summer. This blog will be heavily focused on homeschooling but will have other aspects of parenthood as well as womanhood. If these topics intrigue you, then subscribe so you never miss an update! And if you would like to connect socially, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Stay tuned for more blogs on homeschooling and getting started with it.


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