Formula fed my breastfed daughter
Total Solar Eclipse

Mom Feelings! What makes me Qualified?

So, I was really ready to talk about my VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean), but God has placed something else on my heart to discuss: Mom Feelings. What makes me qualified to discuss mom feelings and a few other topics I will talk about? Well, quite frankly, I’m not sure if I can consider myself […]

Training “ME” to Function Better

If you’ve been on Facebook, then you’ve seen my post about me and my “Night-Owlness”. Honestly, I thought that aspect about myself would’ve went away after my son was born. Oh how I was WRONG. Hubby and I still don’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I know I should get […]

OH gosh…Another Post about FOOD!

Homemade goodness! So I don’t know where to begin…but obviously based on the picture above, this post is about food, Jay’s food. When I have conversations with other moms about food (homemade and jarred foods) many are amazed that I make and still make baby’s food. Granted I was a SAHM for the first 6 […]

I feel like I need to do more….

Ok, so I have slacked off a bit on my blog writing. I’ve gotten so consumed in my cupcake business and spending time with my son, that I’ve completely neglected my personal blog. So let me take the time to give you all a brief update on what’s going on. Of course you all know, […]

What the year has taught me!!!

Soon my baby will be a year old. OMG!! I still can’t completely grasp the fact that I’m a mother, now I have to get a hold of the concept that I have a one-year-old on my hands. The past year has been so much fun with many different learning curves and baby/mommy milestones. This […]

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