Quick and Easy Meal Eggplant Slices

Creamy Noodle Dish

Have leftover noodles (plain)? Not a problem! Here’s a recipe for you to turn those dry, tasteless noodles in to a creamy, savory meal. This dish will go with shrimp or chicken (whichever you prefer). .5 – 1 lb of diced shrimp or chicken (depending on the amount of meat you want in  your dish) […]

Sweet Potatoes and Your Sweet Baby

Sweet Potatoes are very healthy for the physical body. They pack so many nutrients that it’s a great idea to eat a serving of this delicious veggie at several times a week, especially if you don’t always eat the healthiest. This food packs a punch of vitamins and minerals essential to the wellbeing of your […]

Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!

This post will constantly be updated with new recipes and combination of foods for your little one and occasionally for your family. I will not put measurements for the baby food (you can be the judge of that).  Somethings Baby Jay loved more than others but he ate them all!!! Veggie Rice cooked brown rice […]

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