Just Men TV!

(video is at the bottom) OK! So I know this is a mommy blog, but today I want to put a spotlight on a great, inspiring gentleman that has encouraged me through his video. So let me give you a bit of background! Going to my local Sam’s Club is always a pleasure. The customer […]

Creamy Noodle Dish

Have leftover noodles (plain)? Not a problem! Here’s a recipe for you to turn those dry, tasteless noodles in to a creamy, savory meal. This dish will go with shrimp or chicken (whichever you prefer). .5 – 1 lb of diced shrimp or chicken (depending on the amount of meat you want in  your dish) […]

Training “ME” to Function Better

If you’ve been on Facebook, then you’ve seen my post about me and my “Night-Owlness”. Honestly, I thought that aspect about myself would’ve went away after my son was born. Oh how I was WRONG. Hubby and I still don’t go to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I know I should get […]

Changing Gears: Time Managment

So I’m in the middle of reading an ebook called Time Management 101 and I’m getting convicted of so many things. Friends on the outside looking into my life think that I have it made. While I am abundantly blessed in many areas of my life, things aren’t as peachy as they seem I have […]

Giving it a lot of thought!

So a while back, I’ve written a post about home-schooling. I have been thinking about whether or not I should send my son and future children (no I’m not preggers) to school or school them myself. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do. There are pros and cons to each, but I […]

Cleaning for Cheap: All Purpose Cleaner

So a couple of weeks back, I found this wonderful blog: One Good Thing By Jillee (click the name to see her blog). This must have been the best thing ever. This wonderful blogger has some great tips on cleaning amongst other things. One of the DIY cleaning products was an all purpose cleaner! This […]

Sweet Potatoes and Your Sweet Baby

Sweet Potatoes are very healthy for the physical body. They pack so many nutrients that it’s a great idea to eat a serving of this delicious veggie at several times a week, especially if you don’t always eat the healthiest. This food packs a punch of vitamins and minerals essential to the wellbeing of your […]

MOMents Like These!

My child is very active. Those who know him, know that he doesn’t stay still for no longer than a couple of seconds (unless something is on TV that he likes or being read to). Usually throughout the day he’s running around, playing with is blocks, eating, and getting into mischief. Some days are more […]

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