Baby on the road!!!

Snuggled up with his friend, Scout!!!! How Precious!!!

OMGosh, so traveling with Jayden wasn’t really hard. At first I was worried that it wasn’t going to go smoothly, BUT thank God I was wrong! Jayden slept nearly the entire time we were on the move; he even slept while downing a bottle of formula. I think the movement of the car and the road noise reminded him of his “womb” days; which I’m very grateful for that because I really didn’t want him to have terrible experience with road trips. Yes I said road trips with an “s” because we’ll be doing this again sometime next year. Hopefully that experience will be just as pleasant as this experience.

It was an eleven hour trip from Tennessee to Texas and my baby through it. CRAZINESS!!! My main concern was that the trip would have been too much for his little body. Jayden isn’t the most active child right now, so maybe that was a helpful component to his ability to sit still for a while. Don’t get me wrong, he’s much more active than when he was first born, but he isn’t crawling or sitting up, so maybe in some way that helped.

Of course, I was prepared for the trip with him. I had three bottles with water in them, a can of formula, Jarred baby food, music, his favorite stuffed toy, Scout, and my friend (who flew in from TX). When I stopped to fill up, I politely woke Jayden (if he wasn’t up already) to change his diaper and let him stretch his limbs. Each stop was around thirty minutes long and was pleasantly welcomed. If you’re going on a road trip with a little one, I would highly recommend that you pack everything that calms your child. Pack enough food, bottles, music (it doesn’t have to be baby music), clothes, toys, calming lotion, etc. I think if your baby isn’t as road trip friendly as Jayden then do everything in your power to make him/her as comfy as possible.

I can’t explain to those of you who read this, how happy I am that my trip wasn’t a stress on him. My attention and focus is mainly on my husband and son. SIDE NOTE: I miss my husband and I know he misses me, but we’re old enough to handle the trip. I’m overjoyed that this trip hasn’t affected Jayden in a negative way. I’m sure he misses his daddy, however, he’s having the time of his life here in Texas with his other family members. AND TRUST ME…they are soaking him up!! Everyone is so in love with Jayden. And they should be!! I just hope the trip back home is just as easy!!!

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