Recipes! Recipes! Recipes!

This post will constantly be updated with new recipes and combination of foods for your little one and occasionally for your family. I will not put measurements for the baby food (you can be the judge of that).  Somethings Baby Jay loved more than others but he ate them all!!! Veggie Rice cooked brown rice […]

WHAT!!! Where did the time go?

Man, time moves by so quickly, too quickly, when you’re having fun! Baby Jay is already 8 months. It was only yesterday that I brought him home from Vanderbilt University and now he’s crawling, babbling, attempting to pull himself up and everything. Gosh! Would time just slow down and wait until I completely grasp the […]

Baby on the road!!!

Snuggled up with his friend, Scout!!!! How Precious!!! OMGosh, so traveling with Jayden wasn’t really hard. At first I was worried that it wasn’t going to go smoothly, BUT thank God I was wrong! Jayden slept nearly the entire time we were on the move; he even slept while downing a bottle of formula. I […]

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